Delicious food i have been eating ! Plant based and easy !

Hi Folks!

I had some delicious food lately and would like to share it with you so it can inspire you to eat more vegan plant based food !

•Lentil pasta with creamy mushroom souse and topped with green onions and chopped chili!

• Red Lentil lasagne with homemade vegan cheese!

• Like never before i had actually a lot of yummi sandwiches ! Quick for busy mammas like me is a tummy saver sometimes.

• Homemade sushi ! Way cheaper than restaurant bought and quick as well .

• Whole wheat tortillas with

veggies ,soy means ,salsa and homemade sauerkraut!

Everything tasty ,quick and easy !

Cheers 💚

What i ate while pregnant lunches/ dinners !? Plant based and quick !

Hi there !

Vegan lunches and dinner that i ate while pregnant. It feels like it was ages ago but my cute second vegan baby is near 2 months .

Just keep on mind that i don’t eat junk food every day and so i don’t recommend anyone to do so !:)

But from time to time is perfectly normal we deserve some delicious treat food !

Here it is small journal of what i ate and think was absolutely DELICIOUS !

CHEERS to you all hope you have amazing easter!

Will be posting soon what we had on our table for this easter !

Stay tuned!


What i ate while pregnant – Vegan edition ?! Plant based delicious breakfasts!

Let me get started on what i ate while pregnant series! Vegan edition !

As i mentioned in previous post i thought it would be fun to collect some pictures during my second vegan pregnancy and make few posts after i delivered my second and new vegan baby to this amazing world!

I love food as you will see soon enough! Cooking gives me a lot of joy . Unfortunately both my pregnancies were very challenging as it comes to feeling sick and noxious for first .. 5-6 months.

Any how there was some days in my 9 months pregnancy journey that i was able to enjoy breakfast!

To be honest i like both sweet and sour version of breakfasts .

Let me start with sweet because why not !

*Just keep in mind most of the days i would have something simple and healthy such as warm porridge or smoothie! Of course i don’t eat chocolate cupcakes every day hihi . *

Yeah yeah i know very sugary looking but it actually didn’t even contain any white sugar !

The chocolate cupcakes deserve a recipe on the blog soon! Beyond delicious muffins !

Pancakes are absolutely time saver for busy moms . I always triple my recipe and freeze my pancakes . Can hit them up when ever needed very quickly!

Now savory breakfasts !

Bread was my jam definitely! Also vegan egg super quickly to make it as well as tofu scramble and meaty paste (recipe on the blog ) .Tofurkey ham sandwiches were also very lovely. Everything vegan and delicious!

As you can see eating vegan it is not hard ! Can be both super healthy but you can also treat yourself to something fancy sometimes .

Hope you enjoyed this post .

*Next part/post – lunches/dinners *

Have a great spring day !

Eating vegan while pregnant? What i ate while pregnant !

Hi there !

So because now i gave birth to my second healthy amazing vegan baby i’m ready to show you what i ate during pregnancy!

I have saved a decent amount of pictures in order to make that post after delivery. Take it more as a “what i ate in 9 months as a pregnant vegan ” type of post !

The whole idea of this post is just to show you that eating plant based doesn’t have to be boring or time consuming. Keep in mind that this is just some “proportion ” of meals .

I thought it would be nicer and more organized to make it into few parts / posts since i saved kinda a lot of pictures that being said this post is just heads up of series what i ate while pregnant!

See you soon !

Lazy and easy vegan Taco Pie !

Hello !

Today i´m coming to you with tasty and beyond easy taco pie recipe !

We don´t make a lot of pies simply because i was terrified of making one specially from scratch . It seemed way to complicated and time consuming but Oh my i was so wrong !


Long time ago when i was still eating meat,eggs a dairy products i would never even bother to try making pie . Way to many steps to follow and too many things could go wrong . When it comes to plant based cooking usually people don’t realize that veganizing their favorite dishes is going to actually make them more simple .


So behind the story it is : taco pie recipe !

Crust :

• 300 g White all-purpose flour

• 150 g cold butter

• Good pinch of salt

• 1-2 tbsp of cold water

Combine all ingredients and form a soft boll . Easy as that ! Let it rest in the fridge and start with your pie filling.Remember to preheat your oven to 220 C on time .

Taco Filling:

• 1 small onion

• 2 cloves of garlic

• 1 medium red pepper

• 1/2 cup of vegan meat or cooked red lentils

• 4 big mushrooms

• 1/2 small can of corn

• 1 package of thick vegan cream ( I used Oatly )

• 1/3 of vegan cheese

• taco spice

• oil or water for frying

• 1/3 cup of water

Sauté your vegetables starting with onions then add garlic and the rest of vegetables. Once they are a bit softer add your “meat” or lentils. Add your taco spice , water and give it a good mix ! Lower the heat and let it simmer until until peppers are soft as you like and the rest of ingredients are cooked properly. You should end up with a thick souse. Let is cool .

Time to comeback to crust !

Remember to have your oven already preheated.

Take your baking pie dish and butter it . Now i don’t recommend rolling your crust just flat your boll with a hand until you get a shape of a flat pancake then place and shape it in your baking form / dish so there is no holes and its equally thin everywhere.

Bake it in the oven for 10-12 min ! Keep an eye on it so it doesn’t burn !Some ovens are stronger.

After time is done pull out the crust from the oven let it cool for few minutes than top it with your filling. Then on top add vegan cream and cheese . You can add some oregano on top if you like . Bake it in the middle of your oven for about 20 minutes on 220 C .

All done ready to eat ✅

Smoked tofu vegan meat paste recipe!

Hi there !

So when i was a kid i was very picky eater and guess what ? I didn’t out grow from that until i became vegan .

Something that i used to love to eat and it is not at all glamorous by any meaning was a sandwich with chicken meat paste and always with a pickled cucumber on top . I bet everyone has a food that make them be very nostalgic and i feel that’s a beauty in food .

As a vegan i have tried a lot of different pastes and spreads but none satisfied me enough. So now i make my own and it’s creamy and delicious.

Perfect for mini party sandwiches . All meat lovers vegan and none vegan will enjoy this delicious smoky full of flavor spread.

* Recipe *

•1 block of smoked tofu •1 cup chickpeas •1 tsp of olive oil (or any oil you have on hand) •2-3 tsp of coconut oil•2tsp of soy sauce • pinch of black pepper and salt• 3tsp marjoram•3/4 of tsp nutmeg•1tsp Savory•

Blend everything with a blender in a large bowl.Keep it in the fridge up to 4 days .

Done ✅

Vegan and zero waste Christmas gift guide for 1-3 years old toddlers!

Hi there beautiful people!

Hope you all doing great and relaxing before Christmas !

But if for any reason you are still without gifts for your small once and have no idea what to get them i’m here for you with some great ideas for toddler less waste vegan friendly stocking or Christmas gifts .

I’m basically going to show you what we bought for our little sprout Aurora who is 1 year and almost 2 months old.

Quick disclaimer ! We don’t always shower our kid with so many gifts but this year i found some really amazing deals on stuff that i know baby number 2 who is coming on the 25th of February will enjoy later on as well .We are not minimalists as i mentioned before but we try to make better choices when we can but we are still on budget so it’s not

always possible.

So my advice for you is if you are buying gifts for your child think first of what they need specially when you are on budget and don’t feel bad if you can’t get them 50 different things that they want . Also if you are buying for a child in the family or friends kid ask the parents if there is something the child needs first 🙂

Something that Aurora needs were: – new leggings and pants so i did made some and i’m planning to sew some more .

– Sippy cup / Water bottle . We decided to go for NUK stainless steal bottle . We love NUK glass bottles and we have pleasure to be using them for over a year . So i highly recommend if you are looking for glass or stainless steel bottles go for NUK !

– Plate set . We have one bamboo set (small plate,cup and bowl ) but we realized that it would be nice to have one more so i found this bamboo set from BimBamBoo Kids on huge sale ! Great less waste choice light as plastic but good for the environment. Highly recommend set like that if you have no idea what to get . You can’t go wrong with it as it it’s very handy gifts for a small little human .

– Natural rubber bath toy from Hevea ! We own big duck bath toy from Hevea and the quality is amazing and it’s nicer choice in my opinion than the regular plastic bath toys . If you are wondering there is no holes in the toys so water can’t get inside and make the toy moldy . Got also on sale 50%off !

Next part is toys !

Our daughter has good collection of toys in my opinion but maybe not as much as kids now days on average.

We have some of the plastic toys that were found in thrift store and gifted to us or we got something here and there like our big plastic toy box . My point is if your child likes /wants something specific and you know it’s made of plastic on top of plastic just try to find it second hand ! Thrift stores , websides , facebook groups or even Ebay are full of toys that people got for their small once and we know how it usually ends .

If you are looking for some nice quality wooden toys here are our gift choices this year !

*TIP*Check food / grocery stores ! So here in Sweden where we live occasionally LIDL has a good quality stuff that are good quality brands but since it’s a grocery store they have amazing deals on the stuff . Quick example-my Christmas gift wish this year was to get a serger overlock sewing machine since i make a lot of sewing projects . We got one from Singer at lidl for 50 % less than we would have to pay at any other shop ! Same goes for toys or clothes! *

So wooden play food in my opinion is go for as soon as toddlers are having more interest in this kind of form of play but as well it’s a great way to teaching them different colors, shapes , names of the food and what not . We all know wooden play food can be pricey but i mentioned Lidl for a reason because they had amazing offer with huuuggge varieties of different wooden toys , puzzles and play food .

We picked up a set of vegetables with a small knife and cutting board. Super adorable and beautiful made .

We also picked it up some

of the wooden food from one other shop because we saw that they are going to have a bunch of wooden toys .

At the same place we got also :

-Music instruments because our daughter loves playing on different instruments and we thought making her collection a bit bigger will be nice . You could pick up few and make cute music gift

basket , it will bring a lot of fun.

– Wooden people bowiling set ! It’s actually fun to find wooden toys that are multipurpose on some point and you can play in many different ways . It’s a bit like buying 2 or 3 gifts in 1 . Good for practicing imagination with a little kids .

Hope you are going to get inspired and you liked the post!

Warm hugs !

Vegan hotdogs at ikea ?! Review!

Hi there !

So i went to Ikea once just because i was informed that my local Ikea started finally selling vegan hotdogs at their bistro!

Hubby wasn’t so happy of a trip to Ikea but we all know how it ends up 🙂

So here it is !

Let me tell you first if you are wondering if it’s worth it to go all the way to Ikea bistro just to try the vegan hotdog my answer is : YES !!!

The only issue i had was that i had to wait like 10 min since i guess there is not so many vegans coming there for a hotdog every day .

But still it was worth it .

This baby was a huge surprise to me on every level. It was very delicious and i felt quite full after eating one .

Plus the toppings were absolutely fabulous. Small disclaimer i did read on instagram that for some people the mustard that is a part of a whole hotdog is too spicy for some people . I love hot food so for me it was rather random mustard although very good tasty mustard but my advice if you are not into spicy food ask for no mustard and just add ketchup or regular mustard on the bistro self pour section with condiments (i guess it’s like that everywhere around the globe) .

If i would have to score it was 10 out of 10 .

The texture, moist and taste of the sausage was perfect !

Bread bun was typical Ikea sausage bun , very fine in taste bun .

Toppings were absolutely perfectly chosen . Delicious and tasty.

Once again if you didn’t try it yet , you must !

Cheers guys and have a great day !

How to start saving money ? $$$ 6 golden tips !

Hi there !

I hope you all are doing well and that at least some of you took a part of plastic free July! 😀

Today i want to give you 6 very official and simple ways to start saving money!

We have been on budget very long time trying to pay off student loans and some another debts we have for one reason or another so i know how hard it can be specially when you have to START.

No meter if it is new diet or saving money starting is always hardest thing to do but let me tell you it’s not like suddenly everything will get easier you will have doubts sometimes and you might feel down.

Trust me it will pass and you will realize very quickly that it’s worth it !

Let’s get started with 6 golden rules to how you can save money !

  1. Fix your hair and nails at home ! Well i used to have my hair done by hairdresser , years back . Now i only do my hair with henna and my husband is cutting my hair if i have a need for that . Same goes with my husband he used to trim his hair at the salon , now he does it himself. I’m not nail expert ! But i just put nail polish on my nails and fix them by myself instead of paying hundreds of krones/dollar/ pounds etc . It will save you freaking huge amounts of money.
  2. No take-away food ! Get into cooking if you are not already doing it . Most of takeaway food is very easy to make it by yourself trust me ! We stopped getting takeaway food or going to restaurant for two simple reason:of course it saves us a lot of money BUT also we can make most of our favorite restaurant food home . Of course if you treat yourself once for special occasion it’s fine just don’t make it a habit. We maybe eat at the restaurant once or twice a year .
  3. Meal Plan ! There is nothing worse than food waste . Back in a day we used to throw away a lot of food because we didn’t meal plan . So foolish but lesson learnt. When we realized how much food we have been throwing away it did hit me how bad it is and how much money we are literally throwing i a bin . It took me few months before i did learn what works for our family and what doesn’t. Try some freezer meal recipes or prep vegetables and have it chopped in your fridge . Just plan your meals for 5 days,week or month. What ever works for you . I plan dinners for a month and then meals for my husbands work i plan once every two weeks . For myself and Aurora i just have rather freezer meals prepared ready in the freezer or pre-cooked or steamed vegetables in the fridge. I will make a whole post about meal planning soon .
  4. Make your own cleaning products! It doesn’t take as long as you think and it does work ! For all purpose cleaning use a mix of vinegar,water and favorite essential oil or for gentle cleaning try mix of water and essential oil . Same goes for washing the floors. Baking soda will work really nice with cleaning toilet , oven ,stove and so on . We also use dr.browners soap to make some stronger products if it’s needed , we buy big bottle maybe once a year . If you don’t want to make your cleaning detergents just buy one all purpose detergent instead of 5 bottles each for “something else ” .
  5. Don’t spend more than you planned! Let say you planned to spend specific amount of money for Food , entertainment, personal needs . Try to stick to it ! Don’t over spend it . Remember why are you doing this . What’s your motivation.
  6. Don’t go to shopping mall ! Trust me on that one ! You will thank yourself later .

That’s all for this post . I hope my tips will help at least some of you !

Stay tuned for next posts !

Bye 👋

Dahl – Cheap, nutrition and vegan recipe!

Hi !

Dahl – it’s probably one of our favorite dishes to make and today i want to share with all of you our basic recipe but honestly you could add anything you like !

If you don’t make it too spicy your kids can eat it too ! Our 9 months old loves dahl , we just add hot sos or jalapeños on our plates instead of adding in the dish .


  • Small onion
  • 2 big cloves of garlic
  • small piece of ginger
  • 2 big carrots
  • 1 cup of red lentils
  • fresh parsley (really how much your hear desires)
  • spaces: Curry 3 table spoon,turmeric 1 tea spoon, cumin 1 tea spoon, 1 table spoon of salt and tea spoon of black pepper
  • 1 can of full fat coconut milk
  • 1 cup of water (+ more as it cooks )
  • So basically i think that dish is so freaking simple that you could basically chop everything in your food processor or blander and pour in the pot with the rest of ingredients and wait until done . Done that a loooot of times specially when i was pregnant with my daughter and i did feel sick and tired first 5 months but let’s get fancy !
  • If you don’t like chopping vegetables or you don’t want to spend so much time on chopping i highly recommend using food processor!
  • Start with chopping your vegetables !
  • Then
  • Preheat your pot and add a bit of olive oil , coconut oil or water !
  • Sauté you onion, garlic and ginger for few min .
  • Add your chopped carrots and sauté for about 5 min ( if you want to add more vegetables add them together with your carrots) .
  • Now add the rest of ingredients. Cook on medium until your carrots are soft and lentils soaked all the juices!
  • Done , eat with rice or some yummy bread .
  • have a great day ! 🙂