Vegan hotdogs at ikea ?! Review!

Hi there !

So i went to Ikea once just because i was informed that my local Ikea started finally selling vegan hotdogs at their bistro!

Hubby wasn’t so happy of a trip to Ikea but we all know how it ends up 🙂

So here it is !

Let me tell you first if you are wondering if it’s worth it to go all the way to Ikea bistro just to try the vegan hotdog my answer is : YES !!!

The only issue i had was that i had to wait like 10 min since i guess there is not so many vegans coming there for a hotdog every day .

But still it was worth it .

This baby was a huge surprise to me on every level. It was very delicious and i felt quite full after eating one .

Plus the toppings were absolutely fabulous. Small disclaimer i did read on instagram that for some people the mustard that is a part of a whole hotdog is too spicy for some people . I love hot food so for me it was rather random mustard although very good tasty mustard but my advice if you are not into spicy food ask for no mustard and just add ketchup or regular mustard on the bistro self pour section with condiments (i guess it’s like that everywhere around the globe) .

If i would have to score it was 10 out of 10 .

The texture, moist and taste of the sausage was perfect !

Bread bun was typical Ikea sausage bun , very fine in taste bun .

Toppings were absolutely perfectly chosen . Delicious and tasty.

Once again if you didn’t try it yet , you must !

Cheers guys and have a great day !

How to start saving money ? $$$ 6 golden tips !

Hi there !

I hope you all are doing well and that at least some of you took a part of plastic free July! 😀

Today i want to give you 6 very official and simple ways to start saving money!

We have been on budget very long time trying to pay off student loans and some another debts we have for one reason or another so i know how hard it can be specially when you have to START.

No meter if it is new diet or saving money starting is always hardest thing to do but let me tell you it’s not like suddenly everything will get easier you will have doubts sometimes and you might feel down.

Trust me it will pass and you will realize very quickly that it’s worth it !

Let’s get started with 6 golden rules to how you can save money !

  1. Fix your hair and nails at home ! Well i used to have my hair done by hairdresser , years back . Now i only do my hair with henna and my husband is cutting my hair if i have a need for that . Same goes with my husband he used to trim his hair at the salon , now he does it himself. I’m not nail expert ! But i just put nail polish on my nails and fix them by myself instead of paying hundreds of krones/dollar/ pounds etc . It will save you freaking huge amounts of money.
  2. No take-away food ! Get into cooking if you are not already doing it . Most of takeaway food is very easy to make it by yourself trust me ! We stopped getting takeaway food or going to restaurant for two simple reason:of course it saves us a lot of money BUT also we can make most of our favorite restaurant food home . Of course if you treat yourself once for special occasion it’s fine just don’t make it a habit. We maybe eat at the restaurant once or twice a year .
  3. Meal Plan ! There is nothing worse than food waste . Back in a day we used to throw away a lot of food because we didn’t meal plan . So foolish but lesson learnt. When we realized how much food we have been throwing away it did hit me how bad it is and how much money we are literally throwing i a bin . It took me few months before i did learn what works for our family and what doesn’t. Try some freezer meal recipes or prep vegetables and have it chopped in your fridge . Just plan your meals for 5 days,week or month. What ever works for you . I plan dinners for a month and then meals for my husbands work i plan once every two weeks . For myself and Aurora i just have rather freezer meals prepared ready in the freezer or pre-cooked or steamed vegetables in the fridge. I will make a whole post about meal planning soon .
  4. Make your own cleaning products! It doesn’t take as long as you think and it does work ! For all purpose cleaning use a mix of vinegar,water and favorite essential oil or for gentle cleaning try mix of water and essential oil . Same goes for washing the floors. Baking soda will work really nice with cleaning toilet , oven ,stove and so on . We also use dr.browners soap to make some stronger products if it’s needed , we buy big bottle maybe once a year . If you don’t want to make your cleaning detergents just buy one all purpose detergent instead of 5 bottles each for “something else ” .
  5. Don’t spend more than you planned! Let say you planned to spend specific amount of money for Food , entertainment, personal needs . Try to stick to it ! Don’t over spend it . Remember why are you doing this . What’s your motivation.
  6. Don’t go to shopping mall ! Trust me on that one ! You will thank yourself later .

That’s all for this post . I hope my tips will help at least some of you !

Stay tuned for next posts !

Bye 👋

Dahl – Cheap, nutrition and vegan recipe!

Hi !

Dahl – it’s probably one of our favorite dishes to make and today i want to share with all of you our basic recipe but honestly you could add anything you like !

If you don’t make it too spicy your kids can eat it too ! Our 9 months old loves dahl , we just add hot sos or jalapeños on our plates instead of adding in the dish .


  • Small onion
  • 2 big cloves of garlic
  • small piece of ginger
  • 2 big carrots
  • 1 cup of red lentils
  • fresh parsley (really how much your hear desires)
  • spaces: Curry 3 table spoon,turmeric 1 tea spoon, cumin 1 tea spoon, 1 table spoon of salt and tea spoon of black pepper
  • 1 can of full fat coconut milk
  • 1 cup of water (+ more as it cooks )
  • So basically i think that dish is so freaking simple that you could basically chop everything in your food processor or blander and pour in the pot with the rest of ingredients and wait until done . Done that a loooot of times specially when i was pregnant with my daughter and i did feel sick and tired first 5 months but let’s get fancy !
  • If you don’t like chopping vegetables or you don’t want to spend so much time on chopping i highly recommend using food processor!
  • Start with chopping your vegetables !
  • Then
  • Preheat your pot and add a bit of olive oil , coconut oil or water !
  • Sauté you onion, garlic and ginger for few min .
  • Add your chopped carrots and sauté for about 5 min ( if you want to add more vegetables add them together with your carrots) .
  • Now add the rest of ingredients. Cook on medium until your carrots are soft and lentils soaked all the juices!
  • Done , eat with rice or some yummy bread .
  • have a great day ! 🙂
  • Cloth Diapers #1 Why should you use cloth diapers and where to buy it ?!

    Hi there !

    Plastic free July is almost done i hope everyone out there has tried to lower the plastic consumption just a bit ??? 🙂

    So since it’s not done yet i planned to post some more posts about our ways to “Zero Waste ” .

    One of the awesome ways specially when you have or are expecting children is cloth diapers!

    This post is a first of a whole series about cloth diapers.

    As i probably mentioned before we decided of cloth diapering our kids even before i was pregnant!

    Let me tell you 3 reasons why we decided to cloth diaper and then i will give you advice where to get your diapers.

    1. Healthy tushy ! Yes health of our baby is number 1 reason why we decided to cloth diaper . We didn’t want our baby to be in a plastic diaper with chemicals in it . I as a adult wouldn’t want to have my tushy in a plastic diaper neither so why my little human would want that ? Plus 2 good facts to mention is that kids who are using cloth diapers are less likely to have any rushes and more likely to potty train earlier!
    2. Environment. We all know that life without plastic specially with kids is very hard BUT in my opinion in majority of the time there is a lot of better choices than the plastic option . Did you know that it takes around 500 years to decompose the disposable diaper ? That suck ! So we decided that we don’t want to be part of that .
    3. Economy ! I bet most of you will be very interested of how it adds up in a whole baby gear budget? Well you are going to be surprised but cloth diapers not only saves your money in a long run but if you are planning to have more kids then you good to go because you can reuse and reuse your diapers for second child and so on. Plus you can always sell them when you done ! We did got few different systems of diapers on the beginning and we decided what we like and what we don’t. Diapers that we end up not liking so much we sold it on facebook group for same price as we bought it . No money waste !So now to the part where i tell you how you can get your diapers cheaper!

    Buy used !

      Facebook is the golden mine ! It’s a great option for everyone because of the price that can be freaking lower but also that not a lot of people knows for your diapers to get full absorbency you must pre-wash them few times. If you buy used this part has been already done for you . Plus so far my experience goes and we got a lot of diapers that way everything is super fine with the diapers some of them were used only 1 or 3 times . Just type in search “cloth diapers ” i bet there will be at least one or two groups in every country ! If you are from sweden or Uk and you have trouble of finding a group just email me or comment down below i can help you with that 🙂

    Check youtube!

      A lot of cloth diapering moms will recommend where to get the cloth diapers in the particular country BUT also usually they will have some discount for subscribers !

    Ebay , Amazon etc .

      Not the best fair trade option i know ! BUT if you are on tight budget all the time like we are or you are single parent or any reason you have it’s pretty good cheaper or actually the cheapest option when it comes to AIO or Pocket diapers. The quality is good for this price range and the diapers works well as the expensive diapers do . You still save a lot of money and it’s very less waste friendly but definitely less ethical in a lot of aspects. Stick has to ends always so sometimes if you want to do something good for the planet you have to make decision what option you can afford and i think it’s okej ! I always say it’s better to do something that you can afford then do nothing! 🙂

    That’s it for this post !

    I hope 🤞 you will enjoy it !

    One more thing! Since we have freaking hot summer in sweden and a lot of the beautiful forests are burning in wild fire i have just one favor to ask all of you out there ! Remember when you are grilling to put down the fire after you are done grilling! Even a small sparkle can start a huge wild fire and put animals and people in danger !

    How to be frugal and have less trash ?

    Hi !

    So again as i said before “Zero” in the term ZERO waste is not possible. At least in my opinion ! As my family still produce trash even though we try our best . For now the amount of trash we make it is okej for us .Since it’s plastic free July i feel double inspired to posts more for you guys and share our ways of being more eco and zero waste ! Today i wanted to tell you how you DON’T have to spend fortune on being more nicer for our beautiful planet . We are living on budget and as a family we have a lot of side expenses we need to save money for . That’s why we do compare the prices .We have amazing two bulk stores here in Göteborg (Sweden ) but there is few stuff that buying in them would have been drastically higher for our budget . I’m talking here about flour,pasta and white rice. By buying big bag of something that we are using big amounts we pay less and we save money as well as there is less packaging and usually we get 1 ,2 kg or more for free . I bake a lot ! When you are trying to reduce plastic waste and you love cooking for your family you will end up baking / making a lot from scratch. So it’s great BUT buying a big 5 kg bag of all purpose flour we actually get 2 kg for free ! Plus it comes in paper packaging that can be recycled and because its 1 pack it’s actually Less that it would have been if i would buy 5 separate packs of 1 kg flour ! Same goes with pasta ! It comes with a plastic bag true but we are actually reusing the bag after the pasta is done it’s great to freeze bananas or vegetables.We just close the bag with the clips we bought in ikea 5 years ago .I would love to make own pasta and so it will end up probably ! If you have a pasta machine that you could recommend i would be very happy to find out !

    Our another staple is rice .

    We are getting l0 kg bag of rice instead of 10 separate 1 or 2 kg bag . Usually we buy the rice that comes in cotton fabric bag with a zipper that we use for storing stuff in or for bulk shopping BUT this time that one was on amazing sale and our usual ones were sold out . This packaging is very hard plastic so we are going to reuse it as well for shopping ,storing or maybe even planting in a spring next year ! With this post my point is that there is freaking a lot of options for making better choices in your daily life with plastic consumption! 🙂 You could swap for pepper packaging or buying bigger bag of your usually buying products as simple as that . Remember you are trying to change something and make our planet better that is already a huge deal that you are makig !

    Be proud of yourself and every little small or big changes you make !


    Hope you have a wonderful day!

    Plastic free July and the reality?

    Hi pumpkin sprouts out there !I hope you all doing fine in there and i would like to share some thoughts and tips for those of you who are going to take a part in this year plastic free july! If you don’t have any idea what i’m talking about it’s okej ! Here it’s the webside:

    Basically it’s a challenge to try produce less plastic in July !

    So story time :

    We did took a challenge last year and it did change our life in a lot of ways and the way how we think now . I got few tips for you so you will not feel overwhelmed with so many information .

    • Take it slow a little at the time ! You don’t need to change everything in one month .

    • It’s okej if you can’t afford buying in bulk there is different options ! Next post will be exactly about that !

    • No you don’t need to throw away your plastic containers . You can continue reusing them !

    • To make it easier on you just change 1 or 2 things a week ! Let say you are buying a take away caffe so week n.1 you will get caffe in your reusable caffe cup .

      Remember the challenge is to make us more aware of how much trash we make and how we can be better and change that .

    Make it fun !

    We love our clothes diapers, second hand shopping , buying groceries in own produce bags and make own products.

    I hope you enjoyed this post !

    Have a great summer evening!

    Simple and easy Play Dough Recipe/ Zero Waste Vegan Baby !

    Hello There !

    Play dough used to be one of my favorite childhood activities!

    But i find it the HomeMade play dough is not only more Zero Waste and Vegan option but also a cheaper one ! Plus when you make your own play dough you exactly know what’s in it which is very important when you got your little ones!

    Now the recipe!


    • 1 cup of water
    • 1 cup of flour
    • 1/3 cup of salt
    • 2 tea spoons of cream of tartar
    • 1 Table spoon of Vegetable oil
    • Optional:
    • food coloring
    • or/and vanilla/cinnamon extract for a smell

    In a medium size pot Mix all dry ingredients very well than add your water and oil !

    Stir with spatula and now you want to cook it on low heat and stirring !

    When your mixture is thickened up and did form shape of a

    ball take it off the heat and kneed your dough until it’s smooth and

    lovely !

    In the end add your food coloring and some extract if desired .

    Keep it in the container in the fridge even for a

    few months!